Data ethics

We are technology optimists. Next11 is built on data.

We understand that technology is neither good nor bad, but what we choose to do with it is. Our highest priority is to respect the persons behind the data.  That’s why we strictly operate personal data with six core principles.

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Respect for the privacy of clients, users and employees is a fundamental value for Next11.

Justice scale

Next11 perceives data ethics considerations as more far reaching than compliance with the law.

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Next11 priorities openness and transparency in the ongoing challenges that handling both personal data and non-identifiable data entails. The aim is that players, coaches, and clubs can learn from each other’s experiences.

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All Next11 employees who access personal data, proprietary knowledge, trade secrets etc., have signed a declaration of confidentiality. Any such data is always kept to a minimum in order to fulfil the purpose, is stored securely, kept accurate, retained for no longer than necessary, and is only used for a specific and legitimate business.

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Next11 only discloses the user’s data to authorities if there is an obligation to do so according to legislation and a court or authority decision.

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Next11 uses computer programs, artificial intelligence and algorithms to better help and improve coaches, players and clubs’ performance, and to promote openness and transparency about Next11’s activities and social impact.

Next11 uses these technologies to improve our product development, to design tailor-made solutions for players and coaches and to make evaluations of performance outputs.

At any time, the Danish authorities will be able to access and check applied algorithms upon request to verify that these are not programmed to deliver discriminatory or “biased” results.

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