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Soccer players during training
Female football team in red shirts, lined up
Boys running with a ball during a football match
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Football player preparing to take a penalty
Stadium seen from above
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This is N11
in short.

Elevator pitch.

Next11 is sports tracking for coaches and athletes. The Copenhagen-based company is pioneering a live tracking solution from the leg to help coaches and athletes succeed with data in a way that enables them to better reduce injuries while also accelerating athletes’ performance. The technology tracks technical, physical, and tactical performance and gives coach and players live data and video on training and match. Currently, Next11 provides tracking for football and ice hockey.

Our tracking platform gives individual daily workload, weekly team training goals, data on touch, passing, shooting and dribbling abilities and tactical team patterns. Next11 is live football and ice hockey tracking for all - the first live system that most teams around the world can afford. The system is mobile, fits a backpack, and so easy to use that it doesn't require any data experience.


N11 is backed by a dream cast team of investors led by People Ventures. We have a global scope of mature football markets (1.7M teams, 30M players) of which just 1% use tracking currently. We have an industry-leading collaboration with SELECT/DERBYSTAR on data transmission from inside the ball. We have a patented system developed in partnership with the globally esteemed Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

Social impact.

We’re a sport company, but also a sustainable performance movement company. We're here to ensure that football is everyone’s game: 1) Level the playing field with low priced tracking. 2) Promote sustainable performance: better, happier, and less injured players. 3) Supercharge women’s game with performance data. 4) Rally around gay male players via the N11 app. 5) Compete the climate crisis via our commitment to the 1-1-1 model.

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What makes Next11 different from other solutions?
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Learn more about the product and how it can help you empower your football career.

A contemporary football.

The tides are changing when it comes to ensuring that football is everyone’s game –regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, social background, faith or age. There’s still work to do.

You are next
By Next11
It's not where you are today, it's where you are going tomorrow

We’re here to make sure that the next generation of football talent is more diverse, less injured, happier, and better athletes. We want to open up the game to everyone. We will continue to be an irreverent brand that makes sure we are talking about issues that matter to sport, to athletes, to youth, and to culture.

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