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Next11 introduces an affordable, yet feature-rich live tracking system for football teams. At just €3,700, it offers a full team kit, making high-level performance tracking accessible to a wider range of teams. This cost-efficient solution levels the playing field, allowing teams to invest smartly in technology that was once exclusive to the elite.


Next11 redefines affordability in live tracking technology. For just €3,700, gain access to a comprehensive team kit. It’s a game-changer for teams seeking high-quality tracking without the hefty price tag, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising on features.

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By Nikolaj Thomassen
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Approximately 190–200 national teams compete in qualifying tournaments within the scope of continental confederations for a place in the finals. The finals tournament is held every four years and involves 32 national teams competing over four weeks.

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Democratizing performance tracking, Next11 offers its advanced system at an unexpectedly affordable price. This one-off investment of €3,700 unlocks a world of data analysis and tracking, previously accessible only to elite clubs, now available for teams of all levels.

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