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Maximize your football potential with the Next11 Player app. Dive into performance analytics, tactical insights, and peer benchmarking, all tailored to enhance your game. Discover tools for skill refinement and strategic growth, empowering you to excel on the field with each feature.

Instant Insights, On-the-Go

Stay ahead with immediate access to your performance data through the Next11 Player app. Effortlessly review your technical skills, endurance, and tactical acumen right from your phone. Whether you're leaving the pitch or reflecting post-training, our app puts your personal progress and areas for growth at your fingertips. It's about empowering you with knowledge, instantly.

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Approximately 190–200 national teams compete in qualifying tournaments within the scope of continental confederations for a place in the finals. The finals tournament is held every four years and involves 32 national teams competing over four weeks.

Performance at Your Fingertips

Uncover detailed insights into your touch, passing, shooting, and dribbling skills. Your physical form is the bedrock of your on-field success - our app tracks it all, guiding you to peak performance. Gain tactical understanding about positioning and movement, crucial for mastering the modern, fast-paced game.

Master Your Intensity Zones
Analyse smart
Optimize your training with the Next11 Player app's in-depth analysis of time spent in different intensity zones. By understanding where your efforts are concentrated, you can adjust your training to improve endurance, speed, and overall fitness. This tailored approach ensures you're not just working hard, but also working smart, maximizing every minute on and off the field.
Track Every Match Move
Complete trackingt
Every sprint, pass, and shot counts. The Next11 Player app brings you a comprehensive breakdown of your match activities, letting you see the impact of your decisions on the field. This detailed insight helps refine your in-game tactics, ensuring you're always a step ahead. Analyze your performance match-by-match to consistently evolve and excel as a player.
Benchmark Your Progress
Compare daily
Where do you stand among your peers? The Next11 Player app allows you to benchmark your performance against team averages and even players from other teams. This powerful feature gives you a clear perspective on your strengths and areas for improvement, helping you understand the level required for transitions, like moving from youth to senior play. It’s not just about tracking progress; it’s about setting informed goals and achieving them.
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