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Get individual player load, track player performance live, and minimize injuries.

Next11's live ice hockey tracking has officially launched, bringing advanced performance data to players and coaches at all levels of the game for just €3,700.

live tracking from the leg

It's a revolution. Get ready. Set. Go.


Welcome to the next generation of tracking. Our solution is affordable for most teams, live, 100% mobile, and easy to use both for coaches and players. Next11’s tracking system is affordable - get a full team kit up to 25 players for just €3,700.

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Performance data live from the leg.

Twenty-gram sensors on the players' legs track up to 25 players live during practice sessions and matches. Revealing exactly how each player is performing at any given moment.

20 gram tag.

Portable system.

Real-time data to everyone.

We understand that maximizing the potential of your team and the individual players requires live performance tracking. That's why we use an intensity tracking system to help you get the most out of your training in real-time.

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Real time data.

Live in app.

Push athletes and minimize injuries.

We track players’ load during training or match, and display one single number live in the Coach app, that reflects the current level of stress on every player’s muscles, ligaments, and bones.

Track true player load.

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5 unique intensity zones.

Accurate player load. One single number.

live & mobile

N11 delivers Player Load live in 1 single number via 5 intensity zones. For decades, sports scientists have longed for one single number on how hard a player is working. N11 is the first to deliver true workload in one number. N11 calculates each player’s individual workload live and offer weekly plans for training load.

Skate into a new era of Ice Hockey.

Say goodbye to manually tracking of an ice hockey player’s time on and off the ice. Next11 delivers automatically tracked time on ice for every single player.

contemporary tracking

Measure, manage, and analyze your performance.

You’ll get personal data that will improve your understanding of tactical decisions, physics, and intensity. By tracking your intensity levels and durations, we can help you fine-tune your training to reach your full potential.


By tracking your players’ load during a training or a match, we can calculate ONE number that reflects the level of stress on a player's muscles, ligaments and bones.

Track all teams.

Next11 gives you one standardized data format across the entire club. For the first time, you'll have performance data collected throughout the club - in the same way.

Time on Ice.

Say goodbye to manual measuring. We collect data about every single player. That also means time on ice. A player’s time on ice is an indicator of the individual contribution either through point production or point prevention with more time going to players considered to be producers.

5 x intensity zones.

Attacking zone. Neutral zone. Defensive zone. Track it all. We divide physical intensity into five categories: Explosive, Very High, High, Moderate, and Low. By tracking how long players spend in each intensity zone, we can help you understand your players’ overall physical performance. 

Live data.

Performance data on every player is transmitted to the Edge on the sideline, which crunches all live, then sends results directly to the coach's tablet.

revolutionary zones

Individual & team performance in five intensity zones.

We divide physical intensity into five categories: Explosive, Very High, High, Moderate, and Low. By tracking how long players spend in each intensity zone, we can help you understand your players’ overall physical performance.

Very high
Explosive actions that require all-out movements, like skating as fast as possible or making very hard accelerations or decelerations. They demand maximal intensity or effort.
Very high actions are performed with near-maximal intensity, like skating at very high speeds or making quick cuts and changes of direction.
High actions are performed at a high intensity, such as skating at high speeds for extended periods of time.
Moderate actions are performed at a moderate intensity, like skating at a regular pace.
Low actions are performed at a low intensity, like coasting.
“Throughout my career, I have been waiting for a tracking system like the one Next11 has developed. It opens up an entire new dimension of individual player development - as a coach I get the data on each player’s load. It’s a completely new take on how to develop player and optimize their training. With load number on all players, we’ll be able to optimize and extend their careers in ways that we haven’t been able to up until now.”
Martin Thimm
Physiologist & Head of Training, Danish National Ice hockey Team.
Next11 has created the foundation for Danish ice hockey to take a huge step into the future and adapt our training, feedback, and planning based on data.
Thomas Madsen
Udviklingschef, Danmarks Ishockey Union


players in
N11's team kit



€ 3,700

for N11


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N11 backpack
The next11 player app

We are proud to power ice hockey transformation with modern day technology. Every player gets individual data directly in the N11 Player app.

Improve. Advanced performance data daily.

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Removes all possible bias with actual objective quantified performance data captured accurately.
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Improve evaluations using performance data from every player during all times on ice.
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Detailed knowledge of activity and changes during a match or training to identify intensity tendencies.
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Real-time player load and time on ice. Go from invisible biomechanics to visible data points.
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Bring it everywhere. For training or the next match. Our technology is 100% mobile, easy to bring along.
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20 gram. On the calf for the best traction. Non-intrusive tags to protect players' performance.

More teams measured consistently.

Our tracking measures multiple teams consistently across all levels. Next11 tracking is designed to support the development of individual athletes and help transition players from one level to the next based on performance data.

All players ask themselves: How good do I have to be to make it to the team? What does it take to get to the next level? We are here to give you answers. Next11 is continuing to produce young ice hockey talent and help transition players successfully.

advanced performance data

A fully portable system, that can be set up in a few minutes, and available for just €3,700.

In-game data driven decisions.
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Better workload planning.
Benchmark players and positions.
Benchmark trainings and matches.
Easy-to-use Coach app and sharing in Player app.

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