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It’s a fully portable system, can be set up in a few minutes and available for just € 3,700.


Consistent tracking across the club. 

Tracking systems used to be expensive. It used to be impossible to track many teams across the club. Now, you can track and measure multiple teams consistently across all levels.

Next11 gives you one standardized data format across the entire club. For the first time, you'll have performance data collected throughout the club - in the same way. We're precise, live & automated.

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Save money.
Tracking and data analysis used to be for the privileged few. We’ve radically lowered the cost of live technical, physical and tactical soccer tracking to
€ 3,700
for a full team kit. Making performance tracking accessible for the many.
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Track many teams anytime, anywhere.
Our tracking technology is designed to support the development of individual athletes, entire teams and entire clubs. You’ll be able to track players’ transitions from one level to the next. You’ll be able to track players who practice with more than one team. You’ll be able to track development over the course of a few months or seasons.

You'll be able to analyze matches through a variety of comparison options on team and player level. Compare data points from the latest match to highest match to put the latest match performance into perspective and derive key findings. And the same goes for training sessions.
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Instant performance reports.
coach & player app

Sophisticated reports are generated automatically by the system and delivered live. A 20 gram sensor tracks players and the soccer ball live during practice and matches. Data is transmitted to the Edge device at the sideline. The Edge crunches data and sends it to the coach tablet which shows how each player is performing.

After the session, individual data of all tracked actions are auto extracted and pushed to both the coach app and the players’ profiles in the player app. No more complex and time-consuming data analysis. No more waiting for data.
Next11 tracking

Definitely not business as usual.

You are next
By Next11

We’re here to make sure that the next generation of football talent is more diverse, less injured, happier, and better athletes. We want to open up the game to everyone. We will continue to be an irreverent brand that makes sure we are talking about issues that matter to sport, to athletes, to youth, and to culture.

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Heavy on features. Light on price.

Available today

Full team kit

€ 3,700

Football tech with
an exceptional fit.

We believe technology must be non-intrusive to the athlete. We track with a 20 gram chip on the player’s calf. Way more comfortable and up to five times more accurate. We have spent years building smart intuitive coach and player dashboards. They are designed with few indicators on the surface for fast in-game decisions and richer data the deeper you go. Hardware-wise, the sensors connect automatically and the Edge on the sideline is mobile and set up in a few minutes.

25 players live.
+ 6 hours battery time.
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20 gram sensors
Ultra compact sensory powerhouses. Holds amazing sensor capacity, processing power, antenna power and battery life.
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2 hours charging time.
Place it, charge it up. Our charger is waterproof and fast, so you’ll never miss a training session or a match.
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5 kg. total weight. 
Next11 is as portable as it's powerful. Easy to carry in our waterproof backpack.
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You've got the goals.

next11 tracking

We've got the tech.

Whether you have ambitions to take your team into the top division or to victory in a major tournament or want to build a coaching organization that helps young players reach professional standards our data will support your short-term and long-term goals for the club. 

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Best workload accuracy.
Precise tracking
The higher the intensity, the greater workload. Our sensor on the leg picks up to 5 times more player movements during training sessions and 2 x more player movements during matches compared to an accelerometer on the body.
Game changing indicators.
Live status
The Player Load gives you a live status on how hard each player is working – plus an accumulated status from match start until now. You'll be able to overview your players' 'body battery' live during matches. Are they running out of power?
Easy to use home or away.
No antennas
Next11 is 100% mobile. Our 20 gram sensors are connected in the first Bluetooth Mesh Network ever used in football tracking. That gives you stabile coverage everywhere on a full-sized football pitch without antennas.
Build elite relationships.
Clever data
The Next11 platform will help you build a great working relationship with athletes, our data will help you to read each player better and know what makes each of them tick in order to get the best out of your athletes.  
A modern coach office.
You'll get both a coach app and a player app. The coach can share all data directly with players in the app. Hassle-free automated data sharing with players individually is within reach. See our pricing plans to get going with the Next11 system.
contemporary tracking

Your team. Energized by our technology.

Live in matches & training.
In-game decisions.
Technical, physical & tactical performance.
Only team system with player app.
Surprisingly affordable.

Onsite personal onboarding.

Free and fast

A tracking system is a big purchase decision and we want to make sure it’s launched smoothly into your team. 

After your product ships, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule your onsite one-on-one onboarding of our tracking system. 

Our onboarding expert will help set up our system in your club, make sure everything is connected and working, and onboard the entire team to the system, to the coach app, and the player app.

2 week free trial
On-site or remote demonstration
Dedicated support expert
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Quick set-up to get the first data
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