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Welcome to Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and their Academy

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PSG joins N11

Welcome to Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

PSG will be using Next11 to measure multiple athletes and teams consistently across the academy and transition players from one level to the next with help of performance data.

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Paris Saint-Germant F.C. team during football practice
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It's live. For in-game decisions. On tablet immediately.

Technical. Physical. Tactical performance. Live. Mobile. You'll get it all for €3,700

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It's not a miracle.

one single platform

We're the first live tracking system that is affordable for most teams around the world. We track technical, physical and tactical performance. We are 100% mobile and easy to use – even for coaches and players who never worked with data before.

Technical. Physical. Tactical. You'll get it all.

live & mobile

We have developed a tracking system for football that gives thousands of teams the same data as the teams in Champions League.

contemporary football

Your team. Energized by our technology.

Live in matches & training.
In-game decisions.
Technical, physical & tactical performance.
Only team system with player app.
Surprisingly affordable.

Jump to live data.

N11 will fast-forward you into the future of real time data analytics. Data is no longer something you'll get after the match or training. It's delivered instantaneously to your tablet at the sideline with our AI powered insights that allow you to make game changing in-game decisions.

Football players with Next11 gear

Meet our player load metrics.

AI powered hierarchies give the coach few indicators on the surface for fast in-game decisions and richer data the deeper you go: Match/training performance, previous performance, better workload planning, injuries & analysis of rivals.

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By Nikolaj Thomassen
The ins and outs of Next11

Approximately 190–200 national teams compete in qualifying tournaments within the scope of continental confederations for a place in the finals. The finals tournament is held every four years and involves 32 national teams competing over four weeks.

Player app. On your mobile.

Our player app allows players to follow own progression, set goals, and check how the team performed as a whole. In future when the ball is added, you’ll get personal data on your touch and finesse, your passing and shooting abilities. You’ll improve your understanding of where to be in the field, when and where to run in a specific space.


The future of football is on your calf.

Measure your performance level with a revolutionary sensor and app. Track your team anytime, anywhere. See your performance metrics at a glance with the intensity and technical indicators. With Next11 on your calf, a healthier, smarter, more connected football is within reach.

Small in size

Easy to use - connects automatically

Tracks outdoors & indoors. Easy to carry

Surprisingly affordable

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By Next11
A short introduction

Our ambition is to track, nuance and celebrate performance, not just a match result. We’re here to equip curious, ambitious coaches and players with the data know-how they need to excel. To give intensive, real-world, and immediately data to help you level up in your game.

The future of football.

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sustainable performance


Tracking the ball itself will always be king.

We are launching tracking of the ball as a part of the N11 tracking system. We have invented a football with a ‘brain’ that tracks its own position and movement. The chip is embedded in the top model BRILLANT SUPER from the leading ball brand Select/Derbystar.

Possession player time/no./%

Possession team time/no./%

Player icon

Successful passes.

Unsuccessful passes.

Signal icon in black

Live data.

11 gram tag.

Transform your playstyle.


Democratizing data in football.

We work hard to create an environment which encourages and supports footballers of all kinds to do their best and are proud to help level out access to top-class performance data. Our mission is to give every footballer data as if they were playing Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

We chose to use Next11 because the tool allows us to be more precise on the quantification of the workload in the development of the player.

Coaches can also use it in matches to get a clear idea of the player’s intensity level compared to his reference value. Finally, the calculation of the team load allows us to really see where we are in relation to our reference match and therefore to adapt our interventions. The tool is very easy to use and especially on data processing. It is much more readable for the trainer and the player. We are in a hurry to have the evolution of Next11 with in particular the use of technical and tactical data. This will be a real plus for the training of our young people.

Cedric Bouchet, Coordinateur Technique, Academy, Paris Saint-Germain F. C.

Heavy on features. Light on price.

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Row of Next11 sensors

5G micro computer.

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Next11 tripod

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Next11 backpack

Decide from data.


Accelerate your team.


Calibrate your performance.

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Accelerate your game.

Sprinting into contemporary football.


It’s a fully portable system, can be set up in a few minutes and available for just

€ 3,700

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