March 3, 2022

Live stats from the soccer pitch

Next11 is developing a product that can improve soccer analytics through data-driven performance indicators, and 2021.AI assists with the AI part of the solutions.
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By the team at Next11
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Using a series of tags on the soccer pitch to track information live, Next11 is able to provide up-to-the-minute information on how players are performing, providing not only valuable post-match feedback but also live stats for those on the sidelines. In this blog post from, our Head of Product Mathias Poulsen talks about how we deploy AI and data to help us innovate in everything we do.

2021.AI has been part of the development of Next11’s product by delivering a solution for how the data from tags on the field is best processed and aggregated to ensure valuable insights into player performance. Once the data has been collected, the information is then processed through a high-performance algorithm, developed on the Grace AI platform and optimized, tested, and deployed on Next11’s edge device – a piece of equipment that serves to transmit the data from the tags on the pitch into insightful player statistics in an app.

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May 19, 2023

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Mathias Poulsen
Co-Founder, Head of Product

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