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Copenhagen-based Next11 is a sports tracking technology for football coaches and teams up to 25 players. We’re pioneering a live tracking solution from the leg that’s affordable for many teams – track 25 players for just €3.700. We help coaches and athletes succeed with data in a way that enables you to better reduce injuries while also truly accelerate athletes’ performance.

Our tracking system is mobile, fits a backpack, and the app so easy to use that it doesn't require any data experience. It works perfectly indoors as well as outdoors.

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For any questions: Call demo team directly: +45 30 26 35 35

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Norway Q1 2024
January, Monday 22nd 16:30
Kristian Auberts vei 20, 0253 Oslo

Call demo team directly: +45 30 26 35 35
January, Thursday 25th 17:30
Varden Amfi, Allestadveien 12,
5142 Fyllingsdalen

Call demo team directly: +45 30 26 35 35
January, Wednesday 24th 17:00
Klepp Stadion, Ole Kyllingstads veg 5,
4350 Kleppe

Call demo team directly: +45 30 26 35 35
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