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Apply to become a Next11 Ambassador and get the sytem at half price.

Become an ambassador club in our limited-time offer and access our soccer tracking system at half price. Share your experiences with photos and videos, granting us permission to highlight your journey in our marketing efforts. Elevate your team's performance with cutting-edge insights, supported by the dedicated Next11 team.

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Get the full system for your team
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Note: This exclusive offer is time limited and we cannot guarantee a spot for all applicants.

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How the Ambassador program works.

Apply to become one of the 15 exclusive clubs to receive our full soccer tracking system at half the price. Upon selection, we'll guide you through the setup and integrate the system into your daily operations. In exchange, we ask you to share your experiences and testimonials, allowing us to document and showcase how your club utilizes our innovative technology to drive performance and success.

Appy to become a Next11 ambassador
Receive the full tracking system
Have the Next11 team share your experiences
All levels of clubs

Who the program is for.

Football clubs worldwide, from grassroots to professional levels, are invited to apply. Whether you're players, coaches, or managers, if you can invest in the system and permit us to document its usage, you’re eligible. This initiative aims to showcase a diverse range of experiences and successes across different tiers of the football community.


Delve deeper into your performance with a dedicated player app, offering detailed statistics and insights to refine your skills and strategy on the field.


Leverage powerful, at-a-glance analysis via the coach app, designed to streamline strategy development and player performance enhancement.


Expect tangible improvements in results and a significant increase in engagement across all levels of the club, powered by our system's comprehensive management tools.