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Casper Skovgaard

Ph. D. - Sports Scientist - S&C coach

Ph. D. degree in Human Physiology and co-founder of, a company consulting top coaches. Former Head of Strength and Conditioning, Antalyaspor, as part of the Technical Staff managed by Leonardo (now PSG Director) including staff members such as Angelo Castellazzi, Jens Bangsbo and Serginho. During this period, he was the coach of players such as Samuel Eto’o, Samir Nasri, Jeremy Menez, William Vainqueur, Johan Djourou and Sandro. Casper Skovgaard completed his Ph. D. degree in Human Physiology in collaboration with Team Danmark, the Danish elite sports organization, and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2017. Casper was Head of Strength and Conditioning for the renowned academy at FC Nordsjælland for 3 years. He has been working as Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Coach for Superligaen, 1st and 2nd Division clubs in Denmark.‍

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Jens Bangsbo

Professor - UEFA pro-license coach - UEFA, AFC & FIFA instructor

Jens Bangsbo studied mathematics and physiology at the University of Copenhagen, graduating in 1984 and achieved the honoured degree Doctor of Science in 1994. He became a professor at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports in 2003. Jens Bangsbo is a UEFA pro-license coach (2014) and UEFA, AFC and FIFA instructor. After working with Carlo Ancelotti at Juventus FC between 1999-2001, Jens became the Assistant Coach of Juventus FC winning two Italian Championships, two Italian Super-cups, and in 2003 reaching the Champions League final with the team. Until 2004 at Juventus, he was a coach of players such as Zinedine Zidane, Gianluigi Buffon, Alexandro Del Piero and Pavel Nedved – Ballon d’Or winner in 2003. In the season of 2007/2008, he was a technical/tactical consultant for Lorenzo Serra Ferrer at AEK Athens. Afterwards, He became an assistant coach for Leonardo at Antalyaspor in the fall of 2017. Jens has been the Assistant Coach of the Danish National Team where he was part of the coaching staff for EURO 2004, World Cup 2010, and EURO 2012. Today, Bangsbo works as technical and tactical coach at Atalanta B.C. in Serie A.

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June 3, 2022
What is the Intensity Indicator, and how does it work?

The “intensity indicator” sums up all movements of a football player into one single number based on this formula for the accelerometer: √([x2]+ [y2] +[z2])/100 

Sports science is the application of scientific principles to sport, in this case football. The sports science approach at Next11 relies on deep academic knowledge and insights in tight collaboration with academic experts and football coaches. Through this unique combination of science and practice, we take pride in identifying the everyday challenges that football coaches face and offer technology that will ease and improve the art of football coaching a tall levels of competition and cross gender and age.

Despite playing an important role, the evaluation of player load should not focus entirely on high-speed activities. Focusing on speed thresholds neglects demanding tasks occurring at low speed, such as acceleration. For this reason we have created the "Intensity Indicator", which will provide the football coach with precise and meaningful insights of the physical performance of every player during and after training and match. Our approach is to present complex data in a simple way, so football coaches can make informed decisions during and after any training session or match.

A 9 axis player tag is positioned on the calf of the football player to accurately track all movements during training and match. The tag consists of a magnetometer, accelerometer, and a gyroscope that tracks movement events at X times/sec. By merging these technologies into one, Next11 has created the “Intensity Indicator” which sums all movements of a football player into a single number with the following formula for the accelerometer:

√([X2] + [Y2]+[Z2])/100 

The "Intensity Indicator" is therefore the sum of the movements of the tag at any given time during training or match. A hard sprint, acceleration or deceleration will give a high "Intensity Indicator", whereas jogging and easy accelerations and decelerations will give a low "Intensity Indicator". The "Intensity Indicator" can be used to see how the load accumulates during a training session, a specific drill, or during a match for a player and for the team. The "Intensity Indicator" can be expressed as a relative value so it is easy to compare with past performances.

It may be used to give feedback to players during training or match, and can be useful in assisting in player and team feedback as well as in deciding who and when to substitute a player. In comparison to traditional GPS-based tracking systems, our accelerometer-based formula tracks the intensity of every single step a football player takes. By doing so, this step-detection technology provides a valid measure of the player load at any given time during training and match.

June 6, 2022

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